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VOM FASS offers the most comprehensive selection of artisan traditional balsamics, vinegar specialites, and exclusive fruit balsamic vinegars. Satisfy your taste buds and enliven your meals with our award-winning products made from 100% natural fruit juices and bold balsamics aged with integrity using only the highest standards of quality.

30 Item(s)

30 Item(s)

Our Guarantee

Quality awareness, generations of experience, the very best organic materials - this is what guarantees the unique quality of all VOM FASS vinegars.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena (Balsamic Vinegar of Modena)

The cornerstone of VOM FASS is the established relationships with the families that produce VOM FASS products. The Bellei family of Modena, Italy has been our trusted supplier of barrel aged balsamicos for over 10 years. They have been dedicated to the wonderful and mysterious balsamico craft for generations and have mastered the art of producing the heavenly, full-bodied flavor and aroma of these prized vinegars.

Fruit Balsamic Vinegars

The remarkable array and exceptional quality of our fruit vinegars has become the hallmark of VOM FASS. Whether experienced on their own, paired with an infused extra virgin olive oil or enjoyed as a luxury component in sparkling water, these vinegars are in a class by themselves. The high fruit content, mild acidity, and intense aromas are the signature of our fruit balsamic vinegars.

Vinegar Production

Only the very best raw materials are used for the production of our vinegar specialties. Balsamic vinegars of the highest quality are created from 100% natural fruit juices. Considerate harvesting, gentle processing and careful storage form the basis of these exceptionally fine vinegar specialties.

Our manufacturing process doesn᾽t just produce any old vinegar, but rather balsamic vinegars and balsamic "Stars" of the highest quality. Our trademark is that our products contain as much fruit and natural goodness as possible. To achieve this, we use only premium quality raw materials. The juice is always produced from the very fruit which gives each product its name which is then fermented into fruit wine and finally into fruit vinegar. The crowning glory for our Star balsamic vinegars is the addition of concentrated fruit juice.

Health Benefits

Since balsamic vinegar retains most of the nutrients present in the parent fruit, they are highly recommended for a balanced and healthy diet. In addition to the innumerable health benefits, balsamics are high in antioxidants, low in calories, have zero fat, and have the ability to make any food taste infinitely better!